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Bring your brand to life through effective digital storytelling focused on creating connection and engagement.
Collaborate with a global digital storyteller and create brand awareness and amplification that will disrupt and cut through the noise.

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Bring Your Story to Life

I am an internationally recognised digital marketing consultant, strategist and digital storyteller.

I have been empowering brands for over 20 years, empowering them to bring their brands to life. My purpose is to empower brands and leave them better than I found them.

My process helps extract the stories that are within a brand to help develop an effective message.

Through effective digital storytelling techniques, I empower the brands I work with to bring it to life in an authentic manner and create audience engagement.

After story crafting a strong narrative, I then work with my brands to amplify their brand message to the market.

Brand Content Workshops

After my clients take an assessment, we work together on a brand discovery workshop.

My process starts with evaluating your origin story and working with my clients to develop their core brand identity.

Once we craft a strong narrative, we then develop content themes that tap into various storytelling sentiments before we engineer a strong content mapping strategy.

Digital storytelling becomes more effective when you consider developing a strong profile with brand amplification capabilities.

Brand Mentoring

I currently mentor and develop brands globally through digital consultancy.

My approach allows me to work with my clients on various mentoring sessions month to month on a retainer basis.

With over 300 successful clients that have gone through my mentoring program I have developed a strong and effective way to help you bring your personal or professional profile to life.

My approach is to collaborate with my clients to identify what are the core areas they want to focus on and then create a customised roadmap to suit their needs.

Digital Storytelling

I work with brands that already have a brand identify and need help with amplifying their brand message to the market.

By understanding your audience, platform and channel, we design an effective media plan to help you target your core audience profiles in a digital landscape.

In a world full of digital clutter, I work with my clients to create authentic and meaningful messaging with the focus on building a sustainable brand and creating evergreen content that can be repurposed.

We then work with our clients to amplify this message even further through digital mediums and advertising.

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All my clients pay for my 20 plus years of experience, time, and insights to help you achieve driven results. The investment you make to hire me will empower you to create peace of mind when it comes to growing your business. 

There are various tiers of storytelling services I offer depending on the scale of the business and the scope of work. I recommend booking a free consultation to determine what you require and receive a customised quote. Most of my mentoring sessions are packaged over a period of time. 

I recommend you set up a consultation with me for us to determine how best to engage with me and understand potential costings and ways of working framework.

There are times where I do have a wait list. You normally can book me within a 90-day time frame or less. Once you have a free consultation with me, I will be able to provide you with adequate information on available timelines. 

My process first starts off with a discovery. I will then require starting off with an assessment and audit of the brand before I do a strategy engagement workshop. The workshop can be done digitally or in person. Once I have gathered all my findings, I then put together a presentation to go over the strategy and discuss next steps. Most of my clients prefer to engage with me on a month-to-month retainer once the strategy is developed. Depending on my travel schedule I have done some in person engagements. 

The world has adapted to a touchless and more suitable digital environment. I have also engaged clients using Zoom, Teams, and other digital engagement platforms. Video conferencing is a preferred option for most  international clients. 

You're not alone!

Whether you are looking for a speaker or looking to be trained as one, reach out with any of your questions and inquiries. I would love to hear from you and guide you to make an informed decision. I am a wealth of knowledge and my purpose in life is to empower people and brands.

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