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Your time equals your currency!

When life seems to move at an unrelenting pace it’s good to stop and remember that time is your biggest currency. If you find yourself wishing you had more time or lamenting the fact that you can’t do everything you want to in a day, start to break down your activities and commitments to re-prioritize.

Do you really need to watch tv for hours in the evening? Do you really need to look at funny pictures of your friends kids on Facebook? Sure, you may need to do these things, but maybe not every day. I like to try and set aside a few hours on a specific day of the week to attend to those mindless tasks. After all, I think we all need time to decompress and zone out. But too much of this will certainly get in the way of using your time to really get stuff done.

So how do I want to spend my currency? First I want to use it to accomplish my business goals, prioritizing my clients and projects. Next I use it to organize all of my things on the go, and putting these things on paper so I can visually see what is pending. Then I work on getting myself active and moving, so I can have the energy to do it all over the next day. Finally I like to capitalize on the adrenaline and take care of all the grunt work.

Try incorporating these productivity exercises into your day to maximize your time currency.

1. Map out your day.
2. Identify distractions.
3. Set times for different tasks.
4. Break down your goals.

The more you manage your time effectively, the more you impact business productivity.

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