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You Tube Secret Weapon!

Yes, You tube delivered a secret weapon to all of its users yet many have yet to hear about it! You tube replaced Insight with analytic’s that now tells you the performance of your videos among many other vital statistics.  I recently was reminded of this secret weapon at a recent Google Engage event in Vancouver Canada.

Similar to Google analytic’s,You Tubes reporting tool now gives you some of the following features:

  • summarizes the video statistics including views
  • a data filter that allows you to reports by geographic location, content and/or date
  • geographic map and distribution of online visits
  • video performance and statistics
  • how long online views were for your videos
  • the gender average of your viewers
  • a discovery section
  • an engagement section that goes over your subscribers and community
  • traffic resources

The coolest feature that I found to be a powerful tool for marketers is the performance of the video and the viewership cycle of a video. You can basically see the viewership and at what length of the video viewers stop having interest in the video.You tube calls this section the audience retention tab.

This is a gift for video marketers as it will give you an inclination where to put more focus in your video creation and future productions. It also allows you to modify or change videos if you see a large drop off in the video performance. This is by the far an underrated tool that many marketers fail to take advantage of.





Are you taking advantage of this tool?

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