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You are the brand!

When a service provider decides to brand a product, workshop or a specific service, there is an automatic shelf life. This means that there are limits to how far the brand can go. This could also prevent growth from the brand. As a service provider you have to always look at continuing the business and its harder to start over rather than influence to show interest in another product.

This happened to one of my clients recently. He made the mistake of branding his product and when he realized that the business needed evolving he had to redirect his followers and base to a different brand. This became a lot tougher to do as he had to start over. It becomes easier if he had to brand himself as his followers would eventually be influenced by his decision to evolve or change his product line.

It is important to brand yourself as it becomes your safety net. While all aspects of your business could change most of your client base will continue to follow you and keep up with the changes you make. It almost ensures that the brand and the business can continue.

Are you protecting your brand?

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