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I have a secret weapon and it is not a nuclear weapon. In fact its more like a resource that has helped me to write passionately 5 blog posts a week since January of this year. I have also been using these resources to aid my book writing. For a while I was not getting away with creating or writing out content. It was frustrating and the notepad or word documents were too much of a hassle. A friend exposed me to two beautiful programs for Mac and PC namely Growly notes and One Note respectively. These two applications have changed my writing and helped me stay up to date and consistent with my blog. I also have plans to attempt to publish my first book some time next year.

Growly Notes is a note taking application that can gather all kinds of data, text and images and is organized into sections and pages and works with a Mac.
Microsoft One Note offers the same features where you can collect data, clippings, drawings and audio commentaries and share them with Multi users and works with Windows.

The two resources offer Organization of your data that can be sorted by different sections to your customization. I started off using Growly notes for my blogging calendar and ended up writing all my blog posts on it. Now I started working on my chapters of my book and it allows me to write on different ideas and sort them accordingly. In a world where content is king and the new sales copy you cannot afford to be blogging, writing content and building credibility. These resources will save you time and also help you with your writing resources.

Here is a video review and introduction to Growly note from You Tube

Here is a video review and introduction to one note from You Tube


If you want to take your writing skills to the next level I strongly recommend checking these two resources out. They have been a vital resource for me.

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