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Writers Block

If you are a writer you are probably very familiar with this term. A writer’s block is defined as a mental obstacle preventing you from writing your intended content. Every great writer has actually experienced this a couple of times in their life times where a respective author loses the ability to create fresh or new content.

I recently went through a writers block for a week and needed some much needed inspiration and motivation to get myself back into my writing commitment for the year. You see I have been blogging 5 articles a week now since January. I was in no way running out of content however I needed to reinvent myself a bit to find the consistency is my passionate writing.

I took some time to identify what were the specific reasons causing such writers block and came up with the following reasons:

  • Inconsistency in time management
  • Failure to implement goals set earlier in the year
  • Distractions happening in ones life
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Procrastination
  • Not following a blogging calendar or lack of a blogging calendar.

Now I personally went through a few factors above and really needed to find the time to make this a priority as I was a week behind on content. Luckily I found a few remedies that proved to be very essential in getting me back on track.

  • I started out by reading content on the web and having discussions with my customers, contacts and friends about current experiences. I found out I wasn’t alone when it came to my recent writers block.
  • Through conversation and research I started out to find interesting topics to write about and then decided to add them to the blogging calendar.
  • I finally decided to dedicate some time everyday this long weekend to writing out my content.

The irony is the minute I started typing everything started flowing again. The content was easier to conceptualize and writing became fun again. There are many causes to writers block but the most common trend found is factors that are going on in the authors life. When you turn writing into a habitual step it becomes easier to make time for it.

How have you handled writers block?

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