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Work hard, Play hard!

After recently spending an entire weekend in Seattle on a little weekend getaway I finally realized the importance of downtime. In fact I got to take a time out from my laptop, cell phone and got down to the basics. I simply managed to wind down, relax, have fun and most importantly do things I wouldn’t normally do in a business week. After having a very busy start to 2012 the weekend trip was just what I needed to recharge. During this time I even got to read a lot and observe the world from a neutral perspective. Its amazing what you really notice when your mind isn’t occupied with your daily distractions.

This is an area where almost any entrepreneur must make time for. The term, “work hard, play hard or harder” really means the virtue of hard work by adding a counterbalance of play. This will do so much to promote internal balance and also give you the energy to accomplish more. Most entrepreneurs focus so much on fixing problems, trying to make a business work that they rarely remember why they are in business in the first place. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world live out their bucket list by reaping the rewards of a successful business. You also know that your business is in a good place when you can manage to enjoy the little perks life has to offer.

Here are a few tips when you want to promote that balance to your life if you are an entrepreneur,

  • Create a bucket list of places and things you want to experience
  • Make sure you create rewards for minor accomplishments
  • Break down your goals and list them where applicable
  • Learn about cultures, food and history
  • Let your creative and artistic side come out when your on a break
  • Turn off from the business world when your on a break
  • Create an auto responder out of office message and inform the world when you intend returning
  • Read as much as possible
  • Push the limit and experience things you never would do on a weekly basis
  • Relax and wind down. Remember when your on a break you don’t have a schedule and you are on island time.
  • Have fun!

When was the last time you managed to experience this?

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