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Why do we turn away business?

When I first started consulting I was doing the marketing, the services as well as the meetings. The Internet marketing dreams weren’t what the hype sold me on and I realized pretty quick I needed to change the business model.

In the years to come I picked up connections in different areas of expertise so that I could outsource some of this work and spend my time doing what I do best, consulting and coaching. However when I look back, there was definitely a few times where business was turned away.

As soon as I did this I managed to outsource more and spend less time pushing clients away… I recently realized that the more clients I take on this is a common problem for a lot of small businesses today that don’t outsource or white label products. Many businesses still treat their competition as a threat to their business instead of creating partnerships.

Here are some of the reasons why we turn businesses away

  • Lack of resources, manpower or time allocations to projects
  • Small businesses have less employees to handle multiple jobs at the same time
  • No outsourcing funnel
  • Customers require baby sitting
  • Bigger paying jobs
  • Clients on a waiting list
  • Requests by the customers can’t be fulfilled
  • Internet Marketing bringing in a wide funnel of prospects and sales conversions
  • Too much exposure to business
  • Local business requests take more favor than international requests
  • Cant handle the extra flow of workload and no virtual presence of a virtual assistant
  • No chemistry with prospective clients
  • No automation or people to delegate tasks to

The following reasons above have all been reasons when we have had to either refer a client to someone else or outsource the business. The waiting list is also another way to attend to future requests however clients don’t wait too long. 

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