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Brand Ownership…

Personal Branding for any service provider or entrepreneur is necessary to build an identity within your audience. Yet so many business owners expect branding to come their way with ease. As a business owner you have to lose this sense of entitlement and chase after your vision. It comes with hard work and a ton of face time in the first few months of starting out.

Who is the brand?… This answer is simple, you are the brand!

The responsibility of your brand identity falls under the business owners shoulders. With that comes a lot of accountability and you must embody your core principles. You must also protect your brand identity. This weekend I had to make a business decision that complimented my visions for where I am taking my brand moving forward. With that I had to decline a partner project that would have contradicted my business views and opinions. Sometimes saying no is essential to gain momentum

My rant really comes from a recent client consultation where there was hesitance to showcase ones character and principles when it came to developing the business model. As a business owner you play the vital responsibility is assuming ownership for your brand.

2 Responses to Brand Ownership…

    • It really depends on industry Paul and what you are positioning yourself as

      Personally there has to be an emotional connection before i buy into a brand, and if there is a personal connection even better!

      Lets agree to disagree

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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