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Who knows you?

Who knows you?

I recently sat down for a drink with my good friend fondly called “Skim” who is a PR marketing genius. We share similar immigrant backgrounds and stories and decided to talk about how we are building our personal brands in Vancouver. I gently said, ” It’s not what you know but rather who you know!” Skim then responded, ” It’s not what you know, It’s not who you know but rather who knows you!” This statement hit a strong chord with me and my mind started just going in so many different directions. In fact  this statement has been on my mind for the past few weeks.

So last week I decided to put this to the test with some amazing results. I decided to talk to influencers that knew me well to explain what my goals were and where I want to go. Today was a great day for karma. My influencers became my heroes and put me in touch with decision makers, bigger influencers and movers and shakers. I have had three call this evening and two of which are introducing my brand and speaking to a market I haven’t tapped into or cracked. The third call was a referral with a huge celebrity in Canada that I have been on the phones with for the past few weeks.

The lesson here – People you know have the power to influence your brand by putting you in touch with people who need to know about your brand, your story or what you have to offer.

My friend Skim was absolutely right, “It’s who knows you in this big city that can make all the difference!”

My strongest recommendation is genuinely build and nurture relationships. Give back to people who may not be your customers and let them know more about you. The biggest gift a friend can do for you is to become your hero by promoting you or connecting you with someone they know! Who do you know that can help influence you? Who knows of you? Questions to ponder and figure out!


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