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Who do you know?

We hear the common phrase quite often, “It’s not what you know, but who do you know?” While this statement is so true for many there is one more addition to add into this powerful statement. Its more important to know people rather than focus on what you know about such people. Some people try to focus on the gossip as leverage but ultimately this can only do more damage. The relationships you build with people is more important than what you hear about them.

In business your network, the relationships you build and nurture can change the path of your vision drastically. When I look back in the last 16 months so much has changed for my brand. I have been given so much recognition, opportunity and platforms to promote my brand because of the relationships I have chosen to care for and nurture.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself when it comes to growing your network

  • Are you reaching out to your network effectively?
  • Do you make time to help and promote your networks needs?
  • Have you supported the people in your network?
  • How often do you connect with your network?
  • When do you engage with your network?
  • What do they know about your goals and vision?

You see more of the time the people in your network are the very same people who can connect you or bring you closer to your goals in business if you nurture those relationships. I have been introduced to some powerful people through a simple meet and greet from a networks endorsement.

This form of credibility is vital for your success!

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