Digital Rebel

Who are you?

Do you really think what you do is who you are? I encourage you to look carefully at this question and apply it to your current job title.

Being truly connected to who you are brings you a whole level above just identifying with what you do for a living, and the distinction between these two aspects of yourself is very important.

I bet if you start to poll the people you know you’ll find that the more someone has aligned who they are with what they do the happier and more successful they are. But getting to this place can be difficult, life has demands like bills and expenses and a lot of us end up staying in a job that has nothing to do with our authentic self just to pay the bills!

This is why networking and getting yourself out into a crowd of like minded individuals will help you to grow your life and business vision. Hearing about what other people do and why they are passionate about it really lights the fire for me, and I love really giving people space to talk to me about who they really are.

So networking is no longer about credibility or making sure people believe you’re a worth while person to talk to. The truer you are to your own story about who you are and what you love, the more naturally you will follow in that path.

Next time you’re at an event or meet-up, just try to focus on connecting with people’s stories, instead of seeing how many business cards you can hand out. This way you’ll leave with more memorable encounters and will have definitely left a positive impression.

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