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When money waits!

There is the old cliche saying that money waits for no man! In order for you to make a buck you need to put in the time and chase your business ventures. Sometimes in the odd occasion you will discover that money does wait for you even if you take your sweet time getting there.

Here is an example of a situation that happened to me recently. I have been speaking for a few events now and have met so many different types of people, businesses and start ups. Sometimes doing too much in one area literally hurts you in other areas. On my end I needed to spend time building relationships and focusing more time making those vital phone calls and meeting the different people I had met.

So on Friday I made a phone call to a contact just to catch up and discuss the state of the current internet marketing situation. We started off talking about content and the new penguin update when the client pitched me on why he needed my services. A few minutes late we were securing a monthly contract where we would work on his content strategy. The interesting part for me was when he said he was waiting for me to make that phone call to connect. He knew that I was a busy person and was patient that he would eventually have a discussion with me and his goal was to secure my services. Does this sound like a dream client? Well guess what they exist! They exist in your phone book, your email, your address book and in the people you know.

Here are tips for you to focus on when it comes to your business

  • Create a prospect list
  • Follow up on your prospects
  • Make time for your prospect
  • Dont call with the intention of selling
  • Be a resource to your contacts
  • Build a credibility
  • Become an expert in your field

There is money to be made where ever you go. You just have to make an effort to pursue it! Heres to looking at you kid :)

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