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When does a content strategy kick in?

There are many uses and benefits to implementing a content strategy. In fact as of late I am seeing new reasons for a business platform to implement an effective content strategy.

The benefits today for a business to implement a content strategy are as follows:

  • To show on respective search engine results pages
  • To manage and combat negative press
  • Brand yourself as an authority in your industry
  • Deliver engagement from both written and visual content
  • Create a community
  • Drive Traffic which in turn create conversion
  • Build Credibility

Now that we have looked at some of the benefits one must ask when does a content strategy kick in?

  • After keyword research
  • Identifying demand
  • Identifying solutions to the problems your audience have
  • After social monitoring
  • Identifying of trending keywords or events
  • Brand Protection

When do you implement a content strategy?

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