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When do you outsource?

Outsourcing has been a form of automated revenue when you have a ton of business coming your way and very little time or resources to deliver on your expectations. I recently had a client contemplate whether it was the right time for him to start outsourcing some of his services. The challenge though was that he had just started out his local service business and was still establishing himself in his local market. While some of his desire to outsource was to see more money he still needed to work out the kinks and spend more time with his current business operations to understand it better. Do not get me wrong there is always advantages to automate some of the workload but you only do when you really need to do so. So I was inspired to write a post on the best time to outsource your business.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are considering outsourcing…

  1. Can you afford to give money away?
  2. Is your business in need of growing?
  3. Are you outsourcing for the right reasons?
  4. Do you want to grow quickly without putting in the time to get to know your business process?
  5. Can you trust the person on the other end to do a great job?
  6. Will outsourcing lead you to offer more services?

Outsourcing is vital when there is a high volume of customers, requests or traffic coming your way. I never recommend outsourcing just because you have made contact with a company that is willing to do your work. Some people mistake outsourcing as a solution when they have poor time management. Never mistake the mismanagement of your time as a factor to outsource. The other big reason why people outsource is because sometimes business owners are lazy. They just do not want to put in the time.

So the next time you consider outsourcing ask yourself the above questions before diving right in. What are the factors that you consider when you outsource?

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