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What is your cost per lead?

I was recently asked why I did not sell products and content on stage. In fact when my costs are met I do not even charge a price tag for meet up events. The truth is sometimes you trade your time to compliment your cost per lead acquisition. The exposure a keynote can have a stronger impact than the price of a keynote ticket. Some business wont event calculate the cost of their leads generated.

Typically a cost per lead is annual business costs is divided by the total number of leads. For example if your total costs for the year is $10,000 and the total lead funnel amounted to 1000 leads, your cost per lead would be $10. If out of the 1000 leads you generated 100 customers then your cost per customer is $100.

Now in my case my keynotes can average of 5 customers at each event and a lead generator of 30 leads. I can afford to forfeit an initial ticket cost to my keynotes because my return on investment in the long run is much higher. Sometimes a business needs to evaluate and factor in their cost per leads. My speaking events can decrease my cost per leads drastically.

You can also calculate

  • Cost per marketing
  • Sales per lead
  • Profit per lead
  • Sale per client lead
  • Profit per client lead

Are you calculating your lead acquisition and if so, what is your formula?

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