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What is on the sales copy menu?

A sales copy can contain different types of elements that define your sales pitch online. In fact we are seeing a growing trend of cross pollinated elements infused in a more engaging hybrid sales copy. Let us look at what are the common features and items on the menu you are most likely to consider when writing out a sales copy.

  1. Headlines – An attention grabbing head line will determine how quick a web user will stay on your site. Most people scan or look at your headline first to try and understand the problem you solve. If they do not relate to your head line chances are they wont look any further.
  2. Sub headline – This is a quick generic solution to the problem that you are trying to offer. This could include benefits and solutions to the problem at hand.
  3. Tell A story  – After you have got the attention of the visitor, you can use text, media, picture or a compelling video to paint a visual in your consumers eye. This will get the consumer to relate to your cause and the solution you are offering. If you can tap into their emotions you are about to influence a buying decision.
  4. Benefits Features / Needs and wants – Some sales copy writers will want to go over a stronger explanation to usually overcome and objections or concerns that might arise. This is were questions on the product are answered.
  5. Remove The Risk – This gives the customer some sort of reassurance and overcome any last minute buyers remorse.
  6. Testimonials build your credibility instantly. Video, audio and picture testimonials are alway recommended over text.
  7. Call to Action, Influence, Persuade, Urgency  – Once you have the attention of your consumer you want to impact and influence your customer to take action.
  8. Bonus – This is given as an added reward for signing up to your product or pitch.

Most sales copy will use some of these core elements. Are there any other elements you are noticing online apart from the ones mentioned above?

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