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What is a content bank?

When it comes to blogging it is more effective to write content for the future rather than for the present. This allows for consistency in distributing content on a daily basis to your web audience. It also eliminates the stress of trying to come up with something to publish on the blog last-minute.

“A content bank is defined as a large pool of content related articles, blog posts and resources that you have at your disposal with the intention of delivering content delivery consistently”.

A content bank will also include an editorial calendar, a content publishing schedule as well as resources and media to compliment the publishing process. Some successful bloggers will have a content bank with articles written 4-12 months out depending on how often fresh content is published. Loyal readers develop expectations and trends show when you deliver compelling content the audience will come back to review more content. Google favors websites that show return visits of traffic as well as fresh content.

A content bank when implemented correctly will ensure your blog auto publishes such content and you more time is spent effectively coming up with new and creative pieces every week. This elimination of pressure on writing expectations helps also in times when you have creative blocks or are in need of inspiration. Bloggers who have shown success at writing will all credit a content bank for one of the key essentials for content deployment. A content bank will also have a content calendar to ensure timelines and events where special content needs to get posted. Further analysis on your content and proper event planning can also be identified with the creation of a content bank and calendar.

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