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What did you say?

Listening to your customer can shape the future of your business. I find myself constantly surprised at how some companies miss the queue on this. In fact I recently came across two companies in a span of a week where I received terrible service and found my calls escalating to managers. It compelled me to write about it. Most of the cases the person representing the business did a poor job due to poor listening skills.

My first experience was when I was trying to set up an account for a social monitoring tool. While this should have been an easy set up, I was passed on through multiple account executives who could not understand or meet my needs. Rather than paying attention to what I need I kept getting a pitch on what they thought I needed to do. Finally I had to speak to a regional sales manager to get what I needed done.

My next experience was even worse. I called in my benefits company and asked for assistance on some of my claims. I was given the wrong information and  I wasnt being assisted in any shape or form. I spoke to three different agents who all had their own agenda and dropped the ball at handling my phone call.

Sometimes you will find a company that offers a great product and service. They do almost everything right but they don’t pay attention to the marker or what the customers need. This leaves room for customers to move elsewhere. In a time where the customers have become more engaged and vocal it vital for a business to pay attention. Most of the time you can only get better by taking the advise of your customers. After all those customers are the ones who pay for your business to continue!

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