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What defines a business leader.

I was inspired to find one of my former mentors from my corporate days at Intrawest start blogging. My good friend and mentor David said something to me many years ago about leadership that I will always take with me where ever I go. Out of many fresh leaders out there he was very impressed with my passion and he selected me to manage a new elite marketing campaign that proved to be very successful. He said to me that leadership is always about influencing people to take action because they are inspired by you.

David said to me in order to be a great leader you need to two have two vital ingredients that go hand in hand

  1. Skill
  2. Character

However if leadership had a recipe the truth is many business fail at this recipe because they are all focused on getting the right skill set. What you forget is skill can be taught, character on the other hand is developed. You actually need to reverse the recipe and spend 90% of your time building your character and 10% on your skill set!

You see when people do business with you they are more likely to buy into your character, it defines your brand and what you stand for.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Who is your mentor?
  • How have they influenced you?
  • Have you seen a positive change?
  • What drives you?
  • Whats your why factor?

David inspired me to write about this valuable lesson and I wanted to share with all those businesses out there that are starting up. Your leadership that drives your business comes from within! As someone very famous once said, heres to looking at you kid!

What drives you?

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  1. My chief mentor is Carla McNeil. She help me when I get stuck or down.
    Another mentor is Bosco because he shares his great store of information and shows the way to become a better marketer. There are so many people in Vancouver who inspire me, Roger,Matt,Owen and Jesse just to name a few.

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