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What are people saying about your brand?

I always smile when a business owner tells me that they pay attention to their brand only to find out that they do not use any social media monitoring tools. In the past few months I have been researching, training and implementing some of the major social media monitoring tools. These tools will help any size business identify brand chatter instantly.

There are many reasons why you would want to pay attention to brand chatter. Here are some of the reasons why a business should pay attention to social media monitoring tools.

  • While most tools will instantly alert you on brand chatter across social platforms some will actually allow you to engage with social outlet users.
  • Analytics on the reach, scope and influence of any one socially commenting about your brand
  • Ability to control and combat negative press while drive positive press
  • Engage PR capabilities to any business
  • Identify new keywords and monitor results based on your keyword results
  • Identify competition, customers, partners, affiliates and build strategic alliances
  • Notifies you what is going on in your industry
  • Gives you the ability to research product and content ideas
  • Find out who is stealing your content
  • Most tools deliver insights and analytics on brand chatter, influence and positioning.

Do you utilize any social monitoring tools? What platforms do you prefer? What other reasons do you think social monitoring tools are vital for?

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