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Website Sex Appeal?

Most website owners have no clue whether their website is catering to the audience that view it. Since Google changed the algorithm laws of the land it is now more important that ever for a website to focus on the user experience and how a website is viewed. The website visitor must fall in love with your website to come back to it, refer it to other people and more importantly use it as a resource.

There is more to a website that just the aesthetics of the website. There has to be compelling content that has context and meaning to the front end-user. The presentation of your website has to evolve from just a basic website. The content of your website can deliver impact to your analytics but more importantly it has to be easy to navigate.

Does your website pass the 30 second rule?

  • If you look the front fold of your website are you able to tell what your business is?
  • Do you have an effective call to action?
  • Is the content compelling enough to catch the attention of the user?

These are vital questions to ask when you are trying to create an efficient website? Does your website pass the test?

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