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Website Message Clarity.

Does your website have a clear and precise call to action?
Are you confident that online visitors understand what you do in the first 30 second?
Do you have the right messaging on the front fold of your website?
Where are you directing your visitors?
What do your online visitors see when they first come to your website?
These are questions that many entrepreneurs looking at having an online platform overlook. In fact, the majority of online businesses that fail spend so much time on themes that they forget to pay attention to the necessities. If you have trouble giving out the right message on your website on who you are and what you do, your potential customers will probably be having the same difficulties.
Most businesses dont event pay attention to keywords that could direct clients to their websites. However even before you perform keyword research your website message needs to be clear, precise and direct. Your customers need to know what they are required to do and why they are on your website instantly. If you fail to accomplish this you are losing money. Picture a retail store without a sign of their services. The reason why they have signs at stores is to make it easier for the potential consumer.
A few items that will help with the clarity of the messages on your website are as follows
  • Descriptive domain name
  • Catchy Slogan that embodies what you do
  • A title that enables your client to understand who you are
  • A call to action form
  • An opt in and lead capture form
  • A video about who you are or what you do or video sales copy
  • Proper listed pages that show organization of your site
  • An organized website with clear and precise content.
  • Easy to read content
  • A list of your services
  • A website path
  • Headlines and highlights of what your website is about
  • A blog
  • A sales funnel if you are promoting a sales squeeze page.
These are just a few items that will assist you in defining a clear message on your website

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