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Vital Stages of a Social Marketing Plan.

A social strategy or social marketing strategy is defined as the process used by business to brand themselves through the use of social and web platforms. Most successful companies will admit that we are still going through the “Wild west syndrome” as you really cant predict the value of consumer thought or engagement however some stages remain consistent when implementing a social media marketing plan.

I have managed to find some common stages throughout multiple organizations trying to create a unique social brand and wanted to share with you today the most vital stages when creating a social marketing plan.

Initial Stages

  1. Building a social media team. (This would include writers, designers, creative, engagement team, analytics, marketing)
  2. Identifying the platforms that will be a part of your brand and creating profiles, social and web profiles.
  3. Creating a uniform brand that will allow consumers to relate and identify your purpose.
  4. Creating a content management strategy for your business and creating a blogging calendar.

Loyalty Stages

  1. Social Engagement and Interaction – Join the conversation and create your own chatter.
  2. Viral Marketing – Usually your content will get shared and distributed across all the content funnels.
  3. Social Customer Management – At this point your brand will have to support incoming inquiries and chatter.
  4. Implement social marketing through other means and layers of marketing both online and offline

Growth Stages 

  1. Delivering consistent content across all channels. Implement on your content strategy.
  2. Measure social and web analytics
  3. Use social monitoring tools to identify what is being said on your brand.
  4. Internet Marketing strategies and social marketing will drive traffic
  5. Traffic will lead to two outcomes which are conversion and loyalty.

Have you identified or seen any of the stages within your own business?


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