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Vision Conference

How to prepare for the BCAMA Vision Conference.
You have signed up for the annual BCAMA Vision Conference. You are about to witness globally renowned speakers take the stage, hear insights from industry experts and network with some very influencial people. It is essential to be ready for such an important day filled with keynotes, panels, networking and an awesome penthouse party to wrap it all up! The following tips will help prepare you for the big day.
The Why Factor
When you sign up for any conference you invest your time, money and energy. It is pivotal to remember why you are going to this event and identify what the end goal will look like before you get to the conference. Have you asked yourself, what is the main reason for going to this event? What are the areas of interest to you? How are you going to implement what you learn?
There is an awesome lineup of speakers who are about to take the stage from different backgrounds. Do your research and learn a little about these powerful figures. You can opt to engage with the speakers by asking quality questions about the presentation or perhaps build a connection with them when you get to the event. It is important to note the presentations that you are most interested in and ensure you are present for such talks.
Brand Chatter
Like any other event, the hashtag is a stream of pivotal information and a way of engaging the audience. The event organizers will be engaging with the crowd throughout the entire day. The hashtag can bring about many new connections from other like minded socially interactive attendees. You can finally take digital relationships and turn them into real life conversations at the networking event or penthouse party.
It is always recommended to get to a conference early and familiarize yourself with your surroundings. The last thing you want is to be searching for the restrooms during the exciting presentations! By arriving early you can also find out more about the WI-FI options, places to charge your electronics and become aware of the amenities and facilities at the conference center. It is good practice to charge all your devices before you get to the event and bring your cables or reserve battery options to boost your devices if needed. Dont forget to bring business cards and a pen!
Every attendee has a different way of capturing great content. It is important to note down interesting content on a take away sheet or a one page document that highlights items you can implement after the conference. This is key to making the most out of the vision conference as many attendees usually feel overwhelmed due to information overload. You will engage in some interesting conversations so be sure to jot down an action plan from such interactions. Set aside some time after each presentation to recollect and reflect on the content and teachings. This will give you the tools to implement the lessons learned into action steps.
The speed networking session and penthouse party is a platform for you to make new connections and build powerful relationships. So get comfortable, socialize and have fun. Lose the sales pitch, ditch the aggresive approach and have meaningful conversations with people. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to people. Learn abit about your fellow attendees and share your insights. Make a positive impression and dont forget to smile!
Conferences, networking and after parties are a great way to meet so many interesting people and connections. A common occurence is lack of follow up or communication after you meet people. Emphasis on connecting with people is key to maintaing a relationship. A personalized message is a great way of making a good impression. Take the time to follow up with people that you want to align yourself with. Use the social media channels to engage with the people you meet and perhaps take the time to review their websites and companies.

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