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Viral Videos

I was inspired today to blog about how videos go viral. In fact sometimes you can come across a message so powerful that its only a matter of time before the content is streaming all over the globe. Most of the time we use case studies from a few months ago however today I was compelled to share something thats a few days old and in the last two days it has millions of views in the last two days. I came across it on face book, twitter, google plus and you tube. The message is so powerful that in the last two days we have seen the video peak through all the different platforms. The power of viral videos made this possible. The charity organization behind this video does not need to use traditional advertising as the viral videos become the marketing platform.

Viral videos dont need a to be shot by a production, the message is what captures audience. Smart marketing has made us change how we perceive things and this video inspired to encourage more businesses to use visual videos to build their brand on. A good video can be great for exposure. I have included the koni 2012 video that is trending worldwide as we speak.

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