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Video Salescopy Tips

A recent business acquaintance had created a video sales copy to market and upcoming event. I ended up giving him a few pointers having been a part of and worked on a few video sales copy. My tips were referred to as the secret sauce and ingredients to having a successful video sales copy. I thought I share my secret formula that many internet marketing guru’s have applied over the year that has resulted in ROI:

Identify a problem that you are about to solve.  Most viewers want to know what problem you are trying to fix. Be elaborate in your explanations and find a common challenge that your audience market can relate to. This will in turn promote intrigue which is vital for the viewer to watch the rest of the video. Why do some late night info commercials captivate an audience. Those commercials first focus on the problem at hand.

Relate to people. Like any good commercial you must win your audience over. This will include tapping into an already existing emotion. A video sales copy must tap into an emotion after allowing a viewer to discover a common problem. The emotion will allow your audience to relate to your product better.

Give away a resource. Any good video sales copy will focus on giving value regardless of outcome. Great content and resources will in turn build credibility, exposure and the capability of being transferred to a viewers network. You will find if the content you offer is valuable it will be shared onto other platforms.

Build credibility. Most business focus on spraying ego all over the sales copy. Your strengths should be highlighted right before you offer a sales pitch. The sales process is never really about you but the viewer. In order to influence a buying decision you still have to list of your credentials or offer a few client testimonials. This can be how you start off your video sales copy but should always be the last step before going for the close.

Sell a product. Sales influence is as emotional as it is informational. There has to be a perfect balance of both to see an effective sales copy turn into instant sales. The sales process is the final call to action and it is important to set a clear and definitive direction. You need to be able to direct your viewers to take action.

What is your secret weapon when creating a video sales copy?


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