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Video Salescopy Secrets Revealed.

I recently had an incredible chat with one of my super affiliate contacts who made his living selling products online. This super affiliate was practically minting money at one point and happened to share some of his valuable secrets for free with me. My friend observed an evolution of salescopy from longer content sales pages to video marketing. Video Salescopy has been trending for the past 5 years and now almost every sales page contains an element of video. As generations are changing their reading habits videos become even more essential to engage a consumers stimulus. We have a shorter span of interest and so content has to be engaging to capture the interest of todays buyer.
Here are some valuable golden nuggets to consider when creating a video salescopy!

Video 12-24 minutes (LENGTH) – This is something you have to consider when it comes to making a video. The sweet spot seems to be between 12-24 minutes. Remember its not what your saying but how your saying it! No one wants to see a boring video and certainly dont have time for it. Video’s online need to be interesting, engaging, thought provoking and gives the client a sense of entertainment. The more time you spend on a quality video the better your results!

Ditch the controls (CONTROLS) – This has always been an interesting debate however most internet marketers will agree that by controlling the video brings about better attention span from the user. Sometimes giving the options to the consumer leaves room for distractions or disturbance. Sometimes people will watch the first 5 seconds and then pause the video. Most affiliate marketers will reveal that taking away the controls and giving the end user less options can be very fruitful!

Auto play vs click to play (VISUAL) – This is a similar control issue of whether you want a client to click the play button or the video load instaneously. Most recommend the auto play option the minute the page loads! You want to consider the type of demographic your targetting when you choose this option.

Long Tail works better for cold traffic, short tail for warm traffic – What this means is people who know want you to get to the bottom line. You dont need to work on their trust because you already have it. On a more colder list it works differently as you need to spend more time building credibility. Internet marketers recommending doing a split test to determine your sweet spot! Remember the length is also determined on the quality content variable!

Ugly Design sells low / Pretty Designs sells high (COPY) – Surprisingly old school customers prefer the ugly design as opposed to the modern sclick design. This is a demographic factor that will determine the type of design you choose for your video salescopy.

Some Texts vs No Texts (TEXT) / Full sentences vs bullet points (VIDEO) – People actually read the things that show up on your video and most affiliate marketers recommend full text or full sentences when going over a video. People are attracted to value added content and the full sentences give it a feel that the video contains vital information that they have to pay attention to and take note of. Full text most of the time beats out some text videos.

Border vs No Border (INTRIGUE) – Customers here are fascinated with videos without borders because it is still a novelty. For many the borderless design is still fresh and something different. Most internet marketers convert more on a borderless design!

Pop up buy button (SNEAKY) – This is the magic sweet sauce. Lately when your watching a video salescopy you will notice that there is a buy now button right away. Most marketers will let you watch a portion of the video before the call to action shows up.  Showing your best content almost guarantees a sale or call to action. This trick works wonders and you a good example of companies that use this strategy are stock experts. You will see videos with content and in the middle of the video a call to action will show. Why do we do this? It prevents people from just looking at the headline and then clicking on the price point. It prompts the user to watch the video first.

Leave option (TRIGGER) – Another great tool is when you attempt to leave a salescopy and you receive a little pop up bar that asks you if your sure you want to leave the website. Lately you will see a trend of sites that will prompt this message and also redirect to a long tail salescopy with the same content on the video for your reading perusal. What this does it tries to salvage people that may exit your sales copy by offering them another form of langing page as an option.  Some people will still exit the page but a good portion can still be won over to looking at your salescopy.

All these strategies have been used by my super affiliate friend  and each nugget has generated a ton of money for him. Are you using any of these video marketing strategies?


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