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Value Proposition

You have a kick ass product, awesome business idea and you are ready to take the world by storm. Suddenly some asks you, “What is your value proposition?” You are stuck, have no idea what to say or never got that far. Has this happened to you. Almost 75% of my clients have the same problem. I have been previewed to so many different business and website concepts. Some concepts are greats, other flat-out stink! Most business owners think about whats in it for them without really figuring out their value proposition…

Whats in it for your audience, customers and affiliations. Whats your why factor and are you telling a story that connects and relates with your audience. Most websites today cannot even afford a copy-writer or make room for one and this is the one area that often gets over looked by a business owner. It is important to identify and explore your core values and how its going to benefit your audience.

In today’s transparent digital world, a value proposition is more than just solutions and benefits. A value proposition is:

  • a brand identity
  • a culture
  • a reason to join the tribe
  • a voice
  • thought-provoking
  • engaging
  • delivers a clear vision and message
  • promotes clarity
  • speaks to audience or demographic

Copy-writers typically start out their writing based on your value proposition. Everyone knows what your intentions are but only choose to allow your brand in their realm when they understand the value proposition for themselves. Yet so many businesses fail to do this…

My business colleague and I did an experiment where we randomly picked 10 small business websites randomly. 8 out of the 10 websites had no value proposition and a brutal concept of what they thought was appealing content. They focused on highlighting their accomplishments, their outrageous claims of fortune and how wonderful they were. It left us with a simple question. “Who cares?”

2 of the ten websites focused on their vision, their beliefs and their value proposition. They welcomed us, made us feel their connection and relate to the problem they were solving. They focused on making an impression and gave us a mental label where every time we thought of something related to their industry we would think of them… Rather than leaving a question, they gave me a statement, “Here, is why you should care!”

It is also important to let your value proposition, your why factor and your story be consistent across all channels and funnels of your business. The worst thing you could do is operate under a different brand identity.

What is your value proposition? Do you feel you have an adequate value proposition?


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