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Using Testimonials

People buy people now more than ever. Credibility is something that is very crucial to your sales process.

Never underestimate the power of a good testimonial! Posting reviews and comments from satisfied customers on your website is a terrific way to increase your credibility in the eyes of visitors and encourage sales from first-time buyers.

An effective testimonial can convince your reader that your product really DOES do exactly what you promise — especially if you run a small business and don’t yet have a widespread reputation.

Here’s how to gather quality testimonials and benefit from them immediately:

  • If you already have some positive feedback from clients, ask their permission to include their comments on your site. Try to choose testimonials that are packed full of concrete benefits that tell your customers exactly what they can expect to gain from purchasing your product or service.
  • Every testimonial should also have a first name, last name, and location — they help prove the recommendations are coming from real people.
  • To encourage new testimonials, add a link to your site attached to a form that allows customers to give you their vote of confidence. For example, “Click here to tell us what you think!”
  • Create an autoresponder that contacts your buyers after they’ve purchased your product to ask them how they’re enjoying it.
  • When customers send you glowing praise in a letter or email, contact them and ask for permission to add it to your site.
  • If you don’t have any testimonials yet, offer your product free of charge to a group of customers in exchange for their thoughts on the product.

Once you’ve accumulated some good testimonials, include them on your site:

  • Put your best testimonials on your homepage.
  • Insert some testimonials in the middle of your salescopy.
  • Create a page on your site that features only testimonials.
  • Put testimonials on each page of your website.

Testimonials will have higher impact if there is a visual. Video, Audio and picture are very effective if perfected. The more natural the presentations looks and feels the more engaged your audience.

It’s that simple!

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