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Use of Social Monitoring Tools

I recently took on a project where my social monitoring campaigns were delivering over a few hundred thousands results for me to monitor on. Now this is impossible for any individual to do so it is important to focus on the data that you can make impact on. Most companies tasked with social monitoring end up drowning in social data that will almost paralyze the social monitoring project.

Data and business intelligence is meant to give a business a better insight on the business as long as you can act on it. In the case of social monitoring, the data extracted by most companies is avenues that they can impact and act upon.

Today Social monitoring is used for
Competition analysis
Managing online reputation
Research on the industry
Keyword research and trends
Reports and analytics on the business or industry
Upcoming events or news
Turning potentials competitors into affiliates
Content Curation

The above mentioned causes are avenues that you can impact and take action. How effective is your social monitoring?

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