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Twitter List Management

I recently had a consulting session with a client who was having a hard time managing her twitter account. You see the client was using her news feed for news, content, research, marketing, engaging and prospecting people. The challenge started to occur when the client started to follow over 2000 people. It became overwhelming and distracting as the feed started to get out of control and the client was missing out on vital information. The twitter feed started to be a turn off because the client started to lose the motivation to manage it. This might sound too familiar to a few of my readers.

Well the first thing you need to ask yourself is why are you using twitter. Why should you be using twitter? Some of the successful entrepreneurs shared some insight on what they use the twitter news feed for

  • Keep up to date with their industry
  • News around the world or around their business
  • Personal Use
  • Business USe
  • Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Content Ideas and content bank
  • Sharing of useful information from trusted content aggregators
  • Keeping an eye on the competition
  • Networking
  • Inspiration
  • Entertainment

The important task is to identify how you use the twitter feed and list them down. Once this is done its easy to create lists within your twitter platforms. Then when its time to look at the regular news feed you would do so based on your lists and the time you have to spend during the day. On my end I look at the news, content and business news feed in the morning and generally look at the less important lists during the evening or when I take a break. This way I am not distracted and can focus on the intentions of using my social platform.

I also use TwitListManager to organize and manage the contacts on my list for twitter. This is a free tool that integrates with twitter and helps me add contacts if I have a large following towards one list. I highly recommend this tool.

I have been practising and using the lists for twitter now for over 6 months with great results and impact. I have also increased my engagement and reach based on this strategy. What do you use lists for on twitter?

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