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Turning photos into a social strategy.

I recently mentored a business who is in the jewellery trade and has managed to make a decent return on investment through P-interest. The client managed to identify that his target market was spending a ton of time viewing jewellery on the newer image social networking site that has been growing quickly. He started to use his profile as an online catalogue and very soon he was starting to convert on traffic on his website.

I recently picked his brain and we came up with a few strategies on how you can turn photos in a marketing strategy through the power of social media outlets.

  • It is important to identify the core business goals of having a picture distribution funnel.
  • Identify a target audience when turning photos into a social strategy
  • A recurring theme allows people to properly identify your brand
  • Tell a story as people are attracted to the origin of a photo
  • Some business have a need to protect their intellectual property
  • Ensure your images are optimized for search engines
  • Build an online presence for your photos to a corresponding website
  • Distribute your photos across your social outlets
  • Engage the comments your receive
  • Build promotional tools to direct your traffic to take a call to action
  • Test different photo marketing strategies
  • Measure analytics and results from the traffic coming your way through photo marketing

How are you capitalizing your p-interest profile?

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