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Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising is the art of exposing your business brand or product line through the use of of traditional marketing avenues such as print, media, billboards, signage and direct marketing. While traditional advertising is a very large industry with annual global expenditures in excess of a hundred billion dollars, the use of other forms of advertising should not be ignored. More companies are ditching traditional advertising because of its exorbitant costs for cheaper online marketing avenues.

“Advertising is defined as any form of paid non personal communication initiated by a marketer to establish or continue to exchange relationships with stakeholders particul
arly customers.”

The two broad categories of advertising are product advertising and brand awareness. This may be classified by purpose, target audience, geographical territory and by medium.

While most companies create their own ads and ad programs, most companies hire experienced ad agencies to get the skills, economies from media selection, and utilization of the latest technologies. Has your business ever used an ad agency in the past? Are you in need of hiring one?

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