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Time Management For Business Owners Defined

How do I manage my time ?

As a business expert I get this question daily. One of the biggest challenges
that every entrepreneur will encounter is really how to manage ones time.
Here’s the golden nugget. The secret to managing your time effectively is
really your ability to manage yourself!

There are four basic rules to time management

a- Time Blocking – This is when you set two hour time blocks to take care
of your daily operations and tasks at hand. At this time you don’t allow
any outside distractions come in the way.

b- Technology Kills – With text messaging, emails and the internet it almost
makes it difficult to do your job! Simple check your email periodically and
you will notice you get a lot more work done!

c- Friction – One of the biggest challenges is letting your personal, mental,
or physical frictions come into the work force. The golden rule is when you come
into the office there is room for nothing else but business! Controlling your
emotions and focusing on the tasks at hand will always help you get more work done!

d- Time is money! Your time is valuable and prioritize your time efficiently
and stick to your plan!

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