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Thought Waterfall

The greatest thing about getting myself to the gym or getting to the seawall to walk is that it really has the ability to open my mind and turn on the creative thought funnel. Some of the most brilliant revelations I’ve had to date have come in those moments of testing my physical limits and endurance. I get all kinds of inspiration to organize my work that needs to be done, effectively delegate projects and collaborate with other people.

I find getting my body moving does two things for me simultaneously. It quiets my mind and pauses the mindless chatter, and it allows the thought waterfall to start pouring inspiration all over the place! There is something so empowering in the consistency of moving my body. It makes me stronger on so many levels. A restless and scattered mind does not allow inspiration to find an anchor and really grow into productive ideas that work.

This is the challenge I make to you. Think about areas in your life or business where you’re stuck. Places where you feel there is a lack of energy or inspiration, and think about the actions you need to take to change it. Once you’ve got a grasp on what you need to do, get your body moving! Go for a run, brisk walk, swim, hike! Or maybe go to the gym! Dust off that unused gym membership and get in there! Whatever it is that moves you and creates positive vibes will easily translate into the drive you need to get the work done.

Challenge your own blocks to achieving your goals by challenging your physical body, and I promise you will love the results!

Life is hectic on the best of days, so if your motivation tends to shift from week to week, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just get back at it and remind yourself what is most important to you. And if you find yourself thinking you just don’t have the time, trust me, you do. You may have to rearrange your schedule, meetings and other activities like watching tv or sitting on Facebook, but the pay off is worth the effort!

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