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The User Experience

I am now entering week 36 of consistent blogging. I have had many highlights and a few critics during this time. For the most part the feedback has been really good and I have managed to implement a list of improvement to enhance the blogging user experience. I had to change my focus and concentrate on making the website more user-friendly. I have had many compliments on the resource writing style but the key improvements have really been focused on the readers.

Some put it best a few days ago when he said, “My website is going through an identify crisis!” The truth is the overall look of your website is constantly changing. I seem to have a list of implementations from managing an easier category menu to plugins and apps to install. The intentions of the implementation list is to really make it easier for the readers that come to my site and to encourage them to return. Plans for a boscoanthony version 3.0 are already in the works!

Here are some key pointers to consider when creating an amazing user experience:

  • Arranging your tags that make sense
  • Managing and offering a manageable list of categories
  • An easy to navigate web platform
  • Killer content
  • Visual interaction
  • Creating a resource center
  • Subtle sales copy but clear call to action
  • Consistent information
  • Clear social platform
  • A visually stimulating platform
  • Quality web pages that deliver clear understanding
  • A clear brand and uniform message

When I receive feedback I take out the emotions and focus on the golden nuggets offered. The main intention is to increase the experience which will in turn create return visits. If your bounce time on google analytics is relatively high it is an indication that readers are closing your platform very quickly.

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