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The Startup Grind!

Someone recently compared the experience of starting up a business to that of  climbing a mountain. Businesses wont lie when they tell you that their start up phase was a grind! Most businesses without capital or a marketing budget have to do things the hard way. It is even harder for business that have no business model to learn from. Most startups feel they incur their time, investment and efforts in the first few months.

The truth is you have to overcome the hurdle and challenges to start to see success. When I first started my online business clients were not lining up to take me on as a consultant. I had some fortune with the networks that I had built but I had a lot to prove. I was green and in some ways naive. I like many had some belief that by building a website, the business would come! Little did I realize that my actual work started after the website was built.

Business typically involves 7 main aspects to see success.

  • Product
  • Branding
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Growth

The sweet spot is finding the balance of your time on all of these 7 stages. It took me three years to perfect just the right amount of balance for all such stages. You cannot grow your business model until you spend effective time in it. It is vital to experience every stage and stay the course when going through challenges in all 7 stages. There will be challenges and part of your growth is overcoming such hurdles.

The experience you gain from your mistakes, challenges and obstacles is pivotal for your success.


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