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The stages of content strategies.

Content strategies have been a rising trend in todays internet marketing structure for any online presence. Companies looking at creating a presence online are forced to consider creating, curation and distributing quality content with the intention of creating a following. There are 7 key stages to content curation and strategy.

1- Keyword Research and online demand.
This is when you determine what the popular demand is on keywords that could lead to your web presence. The more topics you cover around those popular the keywords the better the chances of your listing appearing on a search engine results page. Sadly 3 in 10 online businesses today spend time doing online research and this is a stage that is commonly overlooked.

2-Content Curation
Is the act of discovering, gathering and presenting digital content that surrounds a specific matter. The supply of information can come from various outlets and platforms. The more information you gather the more you can elaborate on. Its important during these times to stay current.

3-Rules and Guidelines.
This is a stage that determines the guidelines and parameters of your content. The expectations on how the content will be presented is just as important. This is where you content is created and finally ready to be passed on to the next phase.

4-Content Style and Approach
Once the content is gathered it is time to consider how it will be presented. The purpose here is to engage and interact your audience. The approach you take will determine how your content is presented to your audience.

5-Types and Platforms.
Once the content is created, the next phase is to determine what platforms you want to distribute your content and the outlets your audience can find your content.

6-Content Distribution Funnels.
Once the platforms are determined content is then distributed which now covers specific internet marketing strategies. Test every strategy until you find what works.

7-Create a content strategy.
Map out a business plan and how you are going to create a strategy integrated into your marketing plan.

Have you created a content strategy this year?

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