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The Social Media Island Trap

One of the most common pitfalls for brand when it comes to social media is creating platform silos. We call such silos the social media island trap where a brand will have a non integrating platform that doesn’t connect to other web platforms or social outlets. The other challenge is when you have platforms that aren’t updated, looked at or engagement is minimal. These common trends leave a poor impression on the social audience.

It is important to stay current and engage with the following on a consistent basis. Here are some best practices to avoid social media islands:

  • Keep a consistent brand look to all platforms
  • Connect all platforms to each other or integrate between the cross platforms
  • Communicate and engage frequently
  • Have a regular posting schedule for all platforms
  • Use a social dash-board to manage all platforms in one integrated platform
  • Manage all platforms consistently

This is a fundamental basic yet many brands create a silo for their platforms and leave it unattended. Ensure to focus on multiple platforms at the same time and remember it allows different audiences to communicate with you differently.

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