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The Social Guru Hype!

My biggest pet peeve today is when I see people claim to be the next social media Guru. Its even worse when I see businesses that spend thousands of dollars on social media training and believe that the next wave of marketing is only focused on social media. Social media is one spoke of that marketing wheel. As a business you cannot neglect the other forms of marketing and you still need a website for credibility.

A self proclaimed social media guru that tells you he is an expert because

  • He has a high volume of fans or followers
  • He claims to have made a ton of money online
  • He consistently tries to sell you workshops and you get an endless amount of sales pitches

is not a social media expert but rather a marketer that is trying to capitalize on his list.

Social media success is based on three main factors

  • Brand Loyalty
  • Engagement
  • Traffic

Social ROI is only formed when traffic leads to conversion but its not the first gauge or the only measure of success.

There was a time when you could go to those pay for service websites and pay someone to get you followers. Its always interesting to see a social media guru with thousands of fans have no engagement on their social platforms. My other challenge is when someone claims he has a huge following but all they do is post links everyday. To me social media is all about branding and building a community where you are constantly have conversations.

Social media has evolved and is different for every business. Do not believe the hype and remember social media doesn’t just take hard work it also takes strategy and effective other forms of marketing to be integrated with it to be successful!

The true social media experts do not brag they just engage!

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