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The Rise of social CRM’s

Since the internet was used to collect data the birth of a CRM was inevitable. There has been a plethora of CRM’s that flooded the market. Big brand names like sales force and infusion soft took the market by storm. Small businesses and enterprise models both adopted to building a CRM database and integrated email marketing as the core communication activity within the platforms. Since the social media phase kicked in the market has been ripe for an integrated CRM with social media integration and enhancement…

We will start to see the rise of social CRM’s (Customer relationship management). The following trends will be observed:

  • Platform Pollination – You will see social media platforms integrated into CRM’s
  • Social Engaged Leads – You will be able to engage, interact and communicate through social media leads
  • Social Conversions – Social media conversations will occur on CRM platforms
  • List Intelligence – You will be able to better segment and customize your data and lists
  • Tribe Growth – You will in turn build a list of socially engaged followers through the platforms

Want to see proof of a social media CRM? Check out the video below! Blue Camroo is one of the many social CRM’s on the rise and will continue to dominate the ripe socially integrated market

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