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The right team!

It is now even more important to have an efficient team when you are starting up your business. One of the biggest problems start ups have when it comes to getting started it picking the wrong team of people to help them along the way. When someone you recruit on your team is not the right fit it could jeopardize and stall your business ventures overnight.

I look back at when I first started out. There were many that offered support and encouragement but very few could actually commit to what I needed when I was looking at building the team. This proved to be the reason why my start up took some time. Have the right team members can basically elevate or stall your game instantly.

It is important to identify if the person you bring on your team shares the same goals as yourself. Do they see the same big picture of where you want to go. Are they just on board to collect a pay cheque? Passion, Ambition and the need to succeed go along way. So many clients have come to me in the past to seek my advise on their challenges they have had by hiring the right people for their team. Most of the time business has been lost by the people they employ to manage the front lines. It is important to pay attention to who represents your brand.

At the end of the day it really comes to the individuals overall attitude and willingness to succeed. You can always train skill but its always harder to find the right character.

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