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The rant on poor pitch marketing.

This will be one of those rant sessions that I usually end up having at 2am in the morning. Last weeks events prompted me to write this blog post after watching recordings of hells kitchen on my PVR. I first received a telemarketing cold call from a company that received my cell number from a white paper download. After gently asking to be taken of the list the caller continued to tried to market me a demo version of their software.

Shortly after I was pitched on a nutrition product and the sales person was not paying attention to my business needs or the fact that he was repelling me with his pitch. Finally I met someone in a business meeting who was more focused to discuss their vast business acumen accomplishment as opposed to focusing on the human aspect of business.

End Results: The business rant by Bosco Anthony care of watching many pre-recorded episodes of hells kitchen.

If I hear one more bullshit pitch being flung at me, I’m gonna go chef Ramsay on your ass!


That’s right! It’s underwhelming, over saturated and just plain RAW to create victims out of your potential clients and business collaborators by serving up insincere income driven dribble!


Your words are just hitting me in the face like the pungent aroma of a Stilton blue cheese!

Listen up business people! No one wants to be blind sided by your seemingly innocent invitation to attend some “presentation” only to find out they are not being allowed to leave without some sort of commitment. It’s time to wake up to what it truly means to hustle to grow your business!

Hustling doesn’t mean desperately doing anything you can to make cash, or flinging everything you’ve got on the table to get people to listen. What truly matters most in this world isn’t winning the popularity contest, or selling more than the guy next to you. It’s making sure that at the end of the day, when you go to bed at night, you feel good about the work you’ve done.

Who seriously wants to feel like they’ve just sold out their true higher purpose for a quick buck? You’re better off just working in a meaningless job that gives you a reliable paycheque than compromising your own character by selling a fake, stinky sales pitch!

But don’t mind me, I’m only human so sometimes it’s necessary to really say what’s on my mind.

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