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The perfect launch!

The perfect launch!

I recently attended a website launch party for Marc Smith from 30 day adventures at the Harrison galleries in Yale town. I was prompted to write a blog post about my friend Marc for his creative and very inspiring event to promote the launch of his website. Most people starting out an online venture make an announcement online, social broadcast their friends and family or send an email to their contacts. Marc took it one step further and invited his network, friends and followers to a very cozy art gallery for an invite of mingling, wine and the perfect website launch.

Marc Smith founded Amuse Consulting Inc, an event production company that has produced over 100 events in Vancouver. I met Marc online on Twitter and through online interactions met him in person at a couple of events as we had mutual friends. Marc has been a good friend, great at engagement and very energetic person who I respect and admire for his skills in event planning. This was the first time I got to witness him pull off his own personal event with great insights on how to perfectly launch a company

Now most of my readers know that I seldom promote anyone on this blog because this blog is all about giving out content and aiding businesses to do better online. However Marc displayed some experience in event planning that only a master of his craft portrays and it was a huge success! Marc pulled off a bold move as he had launched his website through an event, which was a first for me to witness and attend. While he shared some anxiety prior to the event, he was reassured that most of the audience attended to support Marc on his new venture.

The goods! 

Here are the things that really worked on how to throw a perfect website launch party!

  • Promote your event with advance notice through social media and platforms. Let your network engage, share and interact and make them the heroes of your event!
  • Host your event at a classy venue that makes your audience fall in love with the space. In this case Marc had it a coffee shop/ art gallery. Something different can work wonders and location is everything. Apart from the rain the location was found in cozy Yale town.
  • Have some greet your audience when they enter the venue and elaborate where to go at the event.
  • As the guests enter have some form of crowd entertainment which in this case was a caricature artist who drew creative drawings for audiences members. This was a creative form of party favours and was the buzz of the party.
  • It is always great to have wine distributors and sponsors distribute liquor for your crowd especially when you contribute a charitable cause. I think every audience member would love to support a local cause.
  • Dawn Chubai from the breakfast television was the events MC and did an awesome job introducing Marc and hosting event.
  • For entertainment, a local performer spoke and entertained the crowd through poetry which was a very classy touch.
  • The web designer demonstrated and showcased the wire frame of the website.
  • Marc gave a very sincere speech on how he intends to make money from his website, and his purpose, why factor and how he wants to position himself in the business community. We also caught a glimpse of what his ventures in 2013 were going to include.

Marc pulled off aces on all sectors for his event and if there one was an area that I would have hoped for more engagement would be on the social stream and potentially allowing the audience to network both online and offline, before and after the event. This is me trying to find something to improve on but alas in my humble opinion I give this launch party an A plus for creativity, networking and viewer education. On all accounts it was a great evening, and I even got to meet and make some local connections who I have been interacting with online.

The coolest thing about this launch party is Marc allowed his audience to freely engage, interact, network, have fun and learn about his new ventures all in one night in a short span of time.

Overall job well done! You can view this artists creative ventures here.

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