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The people behind a content bank!

A content bank is a collection of curated, created and shared information to help aid with a consistent blogging process. A content bank, including the editorial calendar helps define a smoother content deployment process.

There are many different aspects to a content bank team as each person plays a vital role. The following roles are key essentials when it comes to mapping out a content bank team. The content bank team includes the following:

  • The Research team that searches for content, curates and collects information
  • The Calendar and planning team which usually also takes care of the editorial process
  • The writing team that is involved in the creation of fresh content
  • The proofing  and editing team
  • The creative and design team to help with visual engagement
  • The deployment team that focuses on distributing content across web and social channels
  • The analytics team that measures metrics
  • The engagement center and sales team

There is an existence of each key accountability helps with the proper implementation of a business blogging process.

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