Digital Rebel

The one man show!

I often get asked if I knew when my business grew in the past few years. My answer is simply the minutes I stopped being the one man show. Like most people who get into business we are control freaks by nature. The territory makes us paranoid and we end up taking on a lot more than we can handle. For the first few years I was spend half my time marketing and the other half servicing the business.

The minute I applied my strengths into the business and grew my team, the quicker my business grew. Time is a precious currency and when you are growing your business you need to work with different people to grow your business to the level you need it to go.

Yet many business fail at this because they have trouble letting go and do more harm to the business model. I had the most challenges being a one man show and my virtual marketing agency grew overnight the minute I expanded my reach and built a strong team.


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