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The new age of brochures!

Someone asked me if I knew what the new age of marketing brochures would look like. My answer, “Publish a book!” Almost every major player I know now has a published book. Take a look at the dragon’s den members, they all have books sitting on the shelves of any major book stores. The truth is if you want to be seriously considered for major speaking events, get asked to do both domestic or international gigs or if you want to be exposed to a larger audience a book will most certainly be your winning marketing brochure…

A very controversial social media keynote speaker said to me there is no money to be made in publishing a book unless you hit the best seller status. Most people write so they can use it as a marketing tool and exposure. Since that comment was made I actually see more books being published. I sometime shake my head when I see the content and all the typos and mistakes that get published with it.

Books today either sold on readers, online or in book stores can make an audience take you seriously. This is why more marketers will start to use this technique more and more. Some of my alliances have been blogging daily with the intention of using the content for a book.

Here are some advantages I see in the near future if you publish a book:

  • It will be easier to break the speaker circuit internationally
  • It will be easier to be on the roster of major seminars or conferences
  • Your book brings you exposure and marketing
  • You build a brand presence
  • And in some cases if your book becomes a best seller you start to get real attention
  • Can be great for advertising your accomplishments and services

Have you thought of writing a book lately?

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