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The networking pitch!

I was recently at a networking event that had some positive pointers. The one area of opportunity was the ever-increasing 60-250 second elevator pitches by some of the sponsors. In fact while some messages had entertainment and value there was a few painful pitches. I felt I needed to write a blurb on such networking tactics to try to save some souls.

The point is people prefer engagement and conversation. I focus on getting people to talk about their brand and themselves before offering my two cents. I focus on solving someones problem rather than talking new prospects to death.

A recent group session with my marketing research team covered our pet peeves to terrible networking pitches. One of my friends said it best, ” Do not try to close me on the first date!” We are seeing an increase of these so-called elevator pitches at networking events. Ask yourself if you really think that a short elevator pitch or networking pitch will really convince someone to buy from you? Most of the time trust needs to be built and rather than hard selling someone on stage it probably best in building a conversation and or relationship with a prospect.

The principles of attraction marketing still apply in this case! Are you killing prospect using a terrible pitch? Are you really listening to your customers needs? Are you paying attention to the needs of your prospect or are you busy going off on who you are and why you are so great?

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