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The lone wolf!

This isn’t that type of story…

There is an old wise saying in business that you only grow when you learn from the mistakes you make. I have made quite a few in my start up time. In fact I have kept a few mistakes which means I continued to make the same mistake over and over again hoping for a different result. I was either hoping for this or a miracle. In short the first business mistake I made was the management of time. I started out doing both marketing and servicing at the same time. As a control freak it was very important for me to do everything when I first started out the business. In fact I was a lone wolf and while it gave me some sort of false security, it really didn’t do much for my time management.

In fact I was so focused on ensuring the revenue kept coming that pretty soon I was having issues delivering timelines on client services. Some clients couldn’t wait on the imaginary waiting list. The novelty of working for yourself turn out being a slave to your business. The first sign that you are doing something wrong is when you don’t look forward to working for yourself. I realized pretty quick that I couldn’t afford to do it all. (Insert clap here!)

The creative genius in me had to ask some tough questions on how could automate some of the processes and how I could work with other similar business providers that could compliment my business. After a few sour partnerships I evolved into better and stronger relationships with other virtual service providers that liked to be outsourced. I also discovered ways to market myself without really spending more time than I should be. The biggest tip I have to offer is this, if you keep using the excuse that sounds like this,”I know I got to get this done, if only I had some time to get this done!” This is queue for you to change your approach and find the time to grow your business.

Can you afford to do everything yourself?

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